Dogginz ™ "Dry Lift" Sport Band

Dogginz ™ "Dry Lift" Sport Band


One Dogginz ™ "Dry Lift” Sport Band with 3 Dogginz diaper pad inserts.

He is your best friend, but if his household potty challenges stress you out, the answer to mess on the floor, carpet, & upholstery isn’t locking him up in a crate, saggy diapers, unsanitary pads, or “miracle” enzyme cleaners.

To end his shame and stop your frustration, the solution you both deserve is Dogginz™ - the first premium potty training and control system designed exclusively for small male dogs and puppies to give the freedom he craves, and peace of mind for you. Get Dogginz™ and Peece Out™.

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DOGGINZ™ ARE BACKORDERED :(. A fresh supply will be on hand in Q4 2019 for sale on,, and select retail locations.

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