Wristocat's "Cattributes" Will Make Your Wrist PURRRR

Cattribute: Magnetic Base Floats Your Wrist

Your Benefits:

Perfectly smooth, natural interaction with your computer

Your every move is mimicked fluidly, while supported effortlessly

Enjoy more speed, accuracy, precision, and control over your interactions

Low friction reduces your hand and wrist strain / fatigue

Gestures, keystrokes, and mouse clicks are easier, more natural and less taxing

Quicker results and reduced reaction times

Cattribute: Interchangeable, Magnetically Attached Supports

Your Benefits:

Easily introduce more variety to your routine (similar concept to the standing desk)

Memory foam support can be used independently, making it a great option for laptops!

Each one cradles your palm to keep fingers relaxed and neutral

Variation ensures a smooth transition to your mouse, trackpad,  or keyboard

Specially designed recesses reduce pressure on the carpal tunnel area

Support options change your Cat's appearance and personality

Thermal disc provides periods of soothing heat or refreshing cooling

Future proof - new support options upgrades are in development

Cattribute: Ergonomic Design

Your Benefits:

Your fingers hover over your touchpad, keyboard, and mouse

Promotes full arm movement and sound ergonomic posture

Always prowl at the optimal height and alignment

Recess cavities focus pressure at the palm, redirecting pressure away from sensitive nerves and tissues

Compatible with the mouse, keyboard, touch pad, or trackball you already own

Distinctive, cat-inspired styling looks cool on your desk