"Hand's Best Friend"

9 Lives For Your Wrist

Mysterious. Graceful. Elegant. Words that conjure the highly evolved feline form in motion. A cat for your desktop, Wristocat embodies similar qualities, making your every movement easier to perform, more natural, and catlike. Wristocat is "Hand's Best Friend."

Float Above Fatigue

Wristocat uses magnetic levitation to make your keystrokes, mouse-clicks, and gestures easier to perform, while boosting your speed and performance. With your hand floating on a friction-free magnetic field, every interaction is fully supported and virtually effortless.

The Purrfect Landing

Wristocat's interchangeable supports ensure the perfect landing. Fine tune your Wristocat's personality with color and support add-ons for style, therapy, variety, and performance. And since every wristocat add-on attaches magnetically, interchange is a literal "snap." Simply lift off, replace, and keep going.


“ I’m Very Happy With These Little Guys! It’s The First Time In The Last Couple Of Years That I Don’t End My Day With That Straining Feel In My Wrist! Thanks For The Great Product Design And For Solving My Long-Time Problem!"
“Wristocat Is Pure Genius - I Love It!”
“Wristocat Has Not Only Helped Us Find A Functional Support System That ACTUALLY WORKS, But One That Is As Modern And Streamlined As The Rest Of The Equipment In Our Office. ”
“I Love The Product And I Couldn’t Imagine Working At A Pc Without It :-) ”
“I Will Continue To Support Your Wonderful Product And Customer Support.”
“I Have Been Using Them Since The Day They Arrived And The Wristocat Has Saved My Wrists; In Fact, It Seems Strange Whenever I Am At A Different Computer And There Are No Wristocats For Me To Use; I Feel Kind Of Lost. ”
“WOW! Love At First Sight ! I Ordered 4 And Am Getting More For Friends, Family, And Clients!”
“I Love The Thermal Disc! This Must Be The Best Thing I’ve Bought For Myself This Year.”
“ I Just Want To Say Thanks To The Wristocat Team. My Wrists Feel Like They Are Resting In A Cloud Of Comfort.”
“I Put One On My Desk And Started Using It Immediately & Love It! The Feel Is Great, And The Movement Is Much More Natural!”
“I Wouldn’t Be Able To Work As Efficiently Without The Wristocats, And I Don’t Have To Worry About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Anymore Either. They Also Relieve Shoulder Pressure.”
“Wristocat Is Truly A Wonder! I Purchased Wristocat For My Husband. He Loves It, And Would Not Think Of Using His Keyboard Without It!”
“I’ve Been Using This Thing For Almost A Year Now, And Its Great! Literally Cannot Even Imagine What It Would Be Like Without It. This Is Seriously Such A Simple And Great Thing To Have. 500% Recommended To Anyone.”
“It Is, Indeed, My Hand’s Best Friend! It Feels Like An Extension Of My Hand As I Glide Across My Keyboard.”

Meow At Us.

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