Hand's Best Friend.

Wristocat chases the computer mouse and keyboard while it constantly works to reduce friction, minimize resistance, and absorb repetitive stress. Other wrist rest and wrist supports just get in your way.  

Wristocat is different - it follows your every "cat-like" move, while providing comfort and support to protect your wrist.  The result is less fatigue, increased performance, more comfort and control, in perfect harmony with your mouse, keyboard, or touchpad.

With Wristocat positioned behind your favorite input device, your hand "floats" through every motion, gesture, mouse click, and keystroke.   So whether you click a mouse, tap a keyboard, gesture on a touchpad, or spend time gaming, Wristocat is “Hands Best Friend.”  Get yours today!


Effortless Interaction.


"Magnetic Levitation" Makes Every Click, Keystroke, & Gesture Feel Effortless.

About 500 mouse clicks and 6,000 keystrokes make up the "average" day using a computer.  With more than 2 million computer interactions per year, it's no wonder hand, wrist, and shoulder pain is a global epidemic.  What begins as mild hand and wrist pain, often develops into more serious and debilitating Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) such as Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). 

Our solution? A new breed of wrist support with "magnetic levitation" to minimize friction, absorb shock, and promote natural motion.  And with your hand floating on an invisible magnetic cushion, the cumulative effects of repetitive motion and strain are reduced, thereby making it easier, less taxing, and more comfortable to use a computer.  


001_PinkWristocat_Paw 1600.jpg

The Purrfect Landing.

Interchangeable Support Add-Ons

Fine tune your Wristocat's personality with color and add-ons that bring style, therapy, variety, and performance.  

Specially designed interchangeable supports always provide the perfect landing. Every add on attaches magnetically, so interchange is a literal "snap."  Simply lift off, replace, and keep going.  



Color Selection.


Customer Testimonials.

I’ve been using this thing for almost a year now, and its great! Literally cannot even imagine what it would be like without it. This is seriously such a simple and great thing to have. 500% recommended to anyone.
— Andy
It is, indeed, my hand’s best friend! It feels like an extension of my hand as I glide across my keyboard.
— William
I put one on my desk and started using it immediately & love it! The feel is great, and the movement is much more natural!
— Jesus
I love the thermal disc! This must be the best thing I’ve bought for myself this year.
— Seo-yeoun
I just want to say thanks to the Wristocat team. My wrists feel like they are resting in a cloud of comfort.
— Nolin
WOW! Love at first sight ! I ordered 4 and am getting more for friends, family, and clients!
— Bernard
Wristocat is truly a wonder! I purchased Wristocat for my husband. He loves it, and would not think of using his keyboard without it!
— Marie