A New Breed of Wrist Support

Mysterious. Graceful. Elegant. Words that conjure the highly evolved feline form in motion. A cat for your desktop, Wristocat embodies similar qualities, making your every movement easier to perform, more natural, and catlike. Wristocat is "Hand's Best Friend."


9 Lives For Your Wrist

Wristocat uses magnetic levitation to make your keystrokes, mouse-clicks, and gestures easier to perform, while boosting your speed and performance. With your hand floating on a friction-free magnetic field, every interaction is fully supported and virtually effortless.


The Purrfect Landing


Wristocat's interchangeable supports ensure the perfect landing. Fine tune your Wristocat's personality with color and support add-ons for style, therapy, variety, and performance. And since every wristocat add-on is designed to attach magnetically, interchange is a literal "snap."  Simply lift off, replace, and keep going. 


More Ways To Skin Your Wristocat